Hello Gonzaga!

Welcome to the Kennel Club Blog!

All summer, the 2012-2013 KC Board and I have been working alongside our awesome Web Developer, Zach Quiring, to develop our very own website, http://www.gonzagakennelclub.com.  Although the website is still being finished up, it should be up and running for Orientation weekend!  This blog is an exciting piece of our new website that will be used for to keep everyone in the know about upcoming events, news, and other related Kennel Club activities. Look here for all of our promotions, video posts, and photo albums.  Once the website is up and running, the blog will be easily accessible through the ‘Blog’ tab at the top of the navigation bar.

On behalf of the KC Board, we can’t tell you how excited we are for this upcoming year.  Our staff is made up of so many enthusiastic, hardworking, super creative students including:

President, Connor Cahill, Vice President, Emily Rosenberger, Treasurer, Troy Darrock, Public Relations chair (that’s me), Meg Nieslanik, Events Coordinatior, Katy Covert, Social Club Chair, Brittany Miller, Women’s Sports Chair, Andy Patton, Tickets and Camping Chair, James Lumia, Senior Rep, Doug Chesney (you may know him as Dougie C, the up and coming legend, himself), Junior Class Rep, Trang Nguyen, and Sophomore Rep, Ben Cary.  Our final board position, the Freshman Rep, will be filled before the season starts in November.  We want to make sure all the board is super approachable and available for anything any student needs.  Check out the ‘Meet the Board’ tab on our website for pictures and contact information and let us know what you’re thinking!

In other news, the t-shirt design for next year is super close to being finalized!  Its really cool because it is a little bit throw-back, a little bit retro, in celebration of the Kennel Club’s history and Gonzaga’s 125th year Anni this school year!  Make sure you get on buying your’s stat because we have some super sweet deals going on right now. For example:

Buy before Sept 7th and for $20 get your shirt, your KC Membership, and a FREE tumbler (perfect for helping pass the hours and hours you will inevitably be spending in really cold lines and in really cold tents this season).

OR, even bettter

Pay $30 and get the above deal (KC shirt + KC Membership+ tumbler) and a long-sleeve ZAGUP tee.  I’m not an economics major, but I asked my roommate (who is) and even she said this was the best deal for your money.  So really, the choice is a no brainer…You can find the CashNet link in the description of this YouTube video from Dougie C.  By the way, personally I think Dougie C is beyond hysterical and worth the watch, even if you have already bought your shirt.  Stay tuned this year for Dougie’s opinion, expertise, advice, and commentary on many of our events, notable Gonzaga Basketball happenings, and anything worth commenting on around campus.  We may have the next YouTube sensation on our hands, folks.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got right now.  Stay posted for more!  Can’t wait to see you all in Red next season and let us know if you have something worthy of us knowing!  Roll Zags.



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