byeeee, summer!

And just like that, we blinked and summer was over.  Happy first day of school!  As if you don’t have enough things to do today, here’s a little beginning of the year KC update!

The KC Board has been at it for the last week getting ready for this year, throwing around ideas, meeting with people, all in the spirit of making this year one for the record books.  We’ve got some reeeeally great things coming in hot.  Here’s just a little taste tester for ya of potential ideas we’re playing with.  Some are set, others are in the works.

1.  Siiiiick Promo items

2.  Kennel Carbo Load (because fans need energy too)

3.  Improvements to Ticket Distribution and Tent City procedures

4.  Super new, super special events for the 125th Anniversary Celebration

5.  National Gonzaga Day game-viewing events

6.  Return of the Kennel Commander

7.  Midnight Mass in Tent City

But the biggest highlight of the last seven days for us was, hands down, Welcome Night.  And let me just say, the class of 2016 was rockin!  At one point we thought the Martin Center might actually implode via the unbelievable volume at which the freshmen were screaming Haec Est Domas Nostra, they sure are enthusiastic bunch. In the words of Senior Class Representative Doug Chesney/Dougie C himself: 

I concur, 100% which is extra exciting because we have one spot left of the KC Board for a Freshman Representative.  Any freshmen caught up in the bulldog-fever, who can foresee themselves as a super crazy passionate zagfan, shoot us an email and we’ll get you an application!  []

The bummer of the weekend, which I’m sure you all heard, was our little slip up spelling error on the 2012-2013 t-shirt.  That was definitely our mistake and definitely correctable.  We have a new shipment of revised ones on the way and will be able to give anyone with a misprinted shirt a corrected one as soon as they come in!  We’re just going to do the swap out option at our next distribution.  So sorry for this, again, but we’ll get everything all figured out in no time at all.  Stay tuned for information and emails about the date and times of the swap distribution.  Also, if you haven’t bought your KC Membership yet, here’s the link again (the Free Tumbler deal ends 9/7!)

Our Men’s and Women’s soccer teams are both coming off wins and the Men play at home this week.  Be sure to hit up these games to cheer on the Zags and swipe your student ID card to start racking up student rewards points.  The volleyball team also has a tournament at home this weekend, which is the perfect opportunity to get your all the GU VB you could ever want!

FRIDAY      8/31 Men’s Soccer v. Manhattan @ 4:00pm

Volleyball v. South Dakota State @ 6:00pm

SATURDAY 9/1  Volleyball v. UC Riverside @ 9:00am

Volleyball v. Eastern Washington U @ 6:00pm

SUNDAY       9/2   Men’s Soccer v. UC Santa Barbara @ 2:00pm

Besides that, we, as a board, are PUMPED for this year.  Although this weekend was many of the board members’ fourth go around at GU Freshman Orientation, it definitely didn’t disappoint.  Its hard to define what it is about Gonzaga that is so darn great, but I was definitely reminded about how lucky we all are to be a part of whatever that is these past couple of days.  Good luck with the first week of classes!  And…always remember, there’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is one ‘I’ in offical 😉 let’s gooooooo.



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