The Scoop on DIRT. #BeatNNU #Oct27

Northwest Nazarene University, where the heck is that?  The NNU Crusaders are traveling to Spokane from Nampa, ID, the very same town that our own, Kyle Dranginis calls home.  This season all Dirt on the other teams will be posted on this blog and easily accessible from the QR Coed on the back of all the BIG HEAD signs.  If you personally know any of the players from any of the teams we will be playing throughout the season or have friends that go to the school of the teams that we are going to face, ask them for any info about their players that you can.  Then post it on our Forum, found on  This will be a great way to get some dialogue going and make sure that the Kennel Club has as much inside information on our opponents as possible.  As for tonight, there is the roster from NNU and also a few things about some of their players.  Although they are pretty funny, we need your help to get some serious gems of information on the other, especially bigger, teams we will be facing this season.  Start digging!

00 Ivan Zidzik C/F 6-10 210 So. Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia
1 Garrett Williams G 6-0 180 Fr. Nampa, ID / Vallivue HS
2 Keith Moilanen G 6-4 205 Sr. Brush Prairie, WA / Hockinson HS Lower Columbia CC
3 Connor White G 5-11 180 Jr. Coeur d’Alene, ID / Coeur d’Alene HS
4 Jordan Nicholes G 6-1 190 Sr. Goldbar, WA / Sultan HS Whatcom CC
5 Mario Donaldson G 6-3 190 Jr. Rockton, IL / Hononegah HS Ellsworth CC
12 Matyas Hering G 6-3 190 So. Prague, Czech Republic
15 Shayne Perryman F 6-5 190 Jr. Santa Cruz, CA / St. Francis HS Monterey Peninsula
20 Kenny Jones G 6-2 195 Sr. Los Angeles, CA / St. Bernard HS UCLA
21 Kevin Rima G 6-6 210 Jr. Fairbanks, AK / Hutchinson HS
23 Michal Kurimsky C 7-0 240 So. Liberec, Czech Republic
30 Derek Isaak G 6-2 165 Fr. Coulee City, WA / Almira/Coulee-Hartline HS
32 Grayson Moore G 6-6 185 So. Logan, UT / Skyview HS Sheridan College
33 Durham Rosser C/F 6-6 205 Jr. Vancouver, WA / Skyview HS Clark College
34 Austin Damon F 6-6 200 Fr. Spokane, WA / Lewis & Clark HS
42 Jonathan Hawkins G 6-3 200 Sr. Phoenix, AZ / Greenway HS Yavapai College

So here’s the Kennel Dirt we have scrounged up so far.  Feel free to use it to make up as many creative and hilarious chants as possible:

1.  Freshman, Derek Isaak, seems to be adjusting to life in Idaho and in college quite nicely.  He is the fine fellow farthest Left.









2.  Sophomore, Grayson Moore, seems to us to be somewhat of a lifelong pet lover.  But you decide for yourself.








3.  Senior, John Hawkins, likes Justin Beiber and wants to be Super Man when he grows up.  #maturity.  The real question is, how does Johnny Boy get anywhere if he doesn’t like walking?!

From an Interview:

What’s on your iPod: Chris Tomlin, Justin Bieber, Sanctus Real, Shane & Shane

If you were a superhero, what super power: Superman, flying, cannot stand walking.




Book #BattleinSeattle rooms now for $89+tax at the Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Seattle on Dec 14th and/or 15th. Call 206-282-7700 and mention that you are a part of the Gonzaga Kennel Club and you would like to book a room for the discount rate. Get excited for the first ever night game at #BattleinSeattle!!!!

Basketball is Back.

I woke up this morning and the sun seemed to be shining a little brighter and the birds chirping a little louder.  That tiny hole in my soul that has been hurting since last March finally feels healed.  It’s happening, everyone, it’s happening.  Gonzaga Basketball season is back upon us.  That’s right, in five short days, we’ll be back in the Kennel.  Today everything feels right in the world.

Hopefully have all purchased your Kennel Club Shirts/Memberships, exchanged the offical ones, and begun to mentally prepare yourselves for the season that is oh so close to us.  With the start of Basketball Season, and October, for that matter, so begins the absolute insanity of events over the next couple of weeks.  If everything snuck up on you, like it did me, you’re in luck, because I’m about to lay it all out and give you the 411 on everything Kennel Club that is quickly approaching.

First, and most importantly, #DougieC.  And no, folks, I’m not talking about Dickie V.  Dougie is Dickie’s biggest zag fan, his brotha from anotha motha.  Dougie is the Zag that Dickie would be in another life.  If you haven’t seen his most current Kennel Report, you’re missing out on vital information as well as too many #lolz to count.  Do it.

So basically, come to Women’s BasketbalFan Fest, this Saturday at 2pm, in the Kennel, duh.  Everyone who attends will be entered to win a free hotel room for you and three friends at Battle in Seattle, Dec. 15th.  Help us support the #Zagbabes on there quest to a FOURTH CONSEQUTIVE Sweet 16.  Props, ladies, can’t wait to see you do it again.

And, oh yeah, if you somehow haven’t heard, KRAZINESS IN THE KENNEL is less than two weeks away.  We’ll be going Zombie Nation crazy in the stands, the bomb squad will be doin’ their thanggg on the floor, those GU dancers will be struttin’ their tail feathers, and our favorite boys will finally be back on the court.  Kraziness starts at 4pm and is open to the public.  So, if your parents or relatives are in town for Fall Family Weekend, don’t even think about letting them miss out on all the fun!  Bring ‘em on over!  If nothing else, you wont want them to miss the debut of the most epic Big Head Gonzaga has ever known… #KO.

In other news, the rest of this week is looking a little something like this:

THURSDAY 10/11 Women’s Soccer PRIDE GAME @ 3pm:  First 100 students through the gate wearing this year’s Kennel Club Shirts get a free embroidered fleece blanket.  How neat is that?!

FRIDAY 10/12 Men’s Soccer PRIDE GAME @ 3pm:  First 100 students through the gate wearing this year’s Kennel Club Shirts get a free reversible Gonzaga Basketball jersey.  These could be the most sought after promo item of the year, you’re going to want one.

SATURDAY 10/13 Women’s Basketball Fan Fest @ 2pm:  Like I’ve said, like Dougie C has said, it’s a must see.

SUNDAY 10/14 Men’s Soccer PINK ZONE GAME @ 2pm:  Wear pink, support breast cancer awareness, and cheer for the Zags.  KC Board will be distributing pink headband/sweatbands and other fun pink accessories to help you represent!

But wait, there’s more!  In the spirit of keeping you in the loop, here is the list of ticket distributions for this season, as emailed to you by Connor, KC President.  Keep in mind travel plans for breaks, especially Thanksgiving, and also try to consider how you might want to accommodate for the St. Mary’s game on Jan 10th.  This game is over Christmas Break, but only four short days before second semester starts back up.  So come back early, watch the Zags stomp on the Gaels, and have the best weekend ever.

Northwest Nazarene (Oct 27) Sunday, October 21 7:00pm
Southern Utah (Nov 9) Sunday, November 4 10:00am
West Virginia (Nov 12) &South Dakota (Nov 18) Sunday, November 11 10:00am
Lewis-Clark State (Nov 29) &Pacific (Dec 1) Sunday, November 25 7:00pm
Illinois (Dec 8) Sunday, December 2 7:00pm
Battle in Seattle: Kansas State (Dec 15) Sunday, December 9 7:00pm
Campbell (Dec 19), Baylor (Dec 28) &Saint Mary’s (Jan 10) Monday, December 10-Friday, December 14 10am-5pm(Ticket Office)
BYU (Jan 24) &San Francisco (Jan 26) Monday, January 21 7:00pm
Pepperdine (Feb 7) &Loyola Marymount (Feb 9) Sunday, February 3 10:00am
Santa Clara (Feb 20) &San Diego (Feb 23) Monday, February 18 7:00pm
Portland (Mar 2) Sunday, February 24 10:00am
WCC Championships (March 6-11) Wednesday, February 27 7:00pm

Last, but definitely not least, SOCIAL CLUB!  #welovebeinglegal.  The dates of the bar tabs for this year that will be taking place again at the Tailgater have been confirmed.  Membership to social club gets you admission to each tab, as well as three beers per tab, appetizer deals, and $4 shot and mixed drink specials.  Free buses for members will run after the games to the Tailgater and back.

Sign ups for social club will begin 10/16 and continue throughout the year.  So, this means that if you turn 21 mid-season, as long as you sign up by Tuesday before the Thursday tab, you can join the second you turn 21+.  Also, graduate and law students are welcome as well, the more the merrier.  It’s going to be a killer time.

-Saturday, December 8th vs. University of Illinois

-Thursday, January 10th vs. Saint Mary’s

-Thursday, January 24th vs. BYU

-Thursday, February 7th vs. Pepperdine

-Saturday, February 9th vs. LMU

-Saturday, February 23rd vs. San Diego

-Saturday, March 2nd vs. University of Portland

As you can see, tons of KC fun is coming up!  So darn much to get excited for myself and the entire board can’t hardly stand it.  If you have any questions, as always, hit us up on or @kcboard on Twitter or Gonzaga Kennel Club on Facebook or   Also, make sure to follow us on instagram (@kcboard) to make sure you are as connected as can be.  Best of luck this week!  Go Zags!!

-Meg [KC Public Relations Manager]