The Scoop on DIRT. #BeatNNU #Oct27

Northwest Nazarene University, where the heck is that?  The NNU Crusaders are traveling to Spokane from Nampa, ID, the very same town that our own, Kyle Dranginis calls home.  This season all Dirt on the other teams will be posted on this blog and easily accessible from the QR Coed on the back of all the BIG HEAD signs.  If you personally know any of the players from any of the teams we will be playing throughout the season or have friends that go to the school of the teams that we are going to face, ask them for any info about their players that you can.  Then post it on our Forum, found on  This will be a great way to get some dialogue going and make sure that the Kennel Club has as much inside information on our opponents as possible.  As for tonight, there is the roster from NNU and also a few things about some of their players.  Although they are pretty funny, we need your help to get some serious gems of information on the other, especially bigger, teams we will be facing this season.  Start digging!

00 Ivan Zidzik C/F 6-10 210 So. Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia
1 Garrett Williams G 6-0 180 Fr. Nampa, ID / Vallivue HS
2 Keith Moilanen G 6-4 205 Sr. Brush Prairie, WA / Hockinson HS Lower Columbia CC
3 Connor White G 5-11 180 Jr. Coeur d’Alene, ID / Coeur d’Alene HS
4 Jordan Nicholes G 6-1 190 Sr. Goldbar, WA / Sultan HS Whatcom CC
5 Mario Donaldson G 6-3 190 Jr. Rockton, IL / Hononegah HS Ellsworth CC
12 Matyas Hering G 6-3 190 So. Prague, Czech Republic
15 Shayne Perryman F 6-5 190 Jr. Santa Cruz, CA / St. Francis HS Monterey Peninsula
20 Kenny Jones G 6-2 195 Sr. Los Angeles, CA / St. Bernard HS UCLA
21 Kevin Rima G 6-6 210 Jr. Fairbanks, AK / Hutchinson HS
23 Michal Kurimsky C 7-0 240 So. Liberec, Czech Republic
30 Derek Isaak G 6-2 165 Fr. Coulee City, WA / Almira/Coulee-Hartline HS
32 Grayson Moore G 6-6 185 So. Logan, UT / Skyview HS Sheridan College
33 Durham Rosser C/F 6-6 205 Jr. Vancouver, WA / Skyview HS Clark College
34 Austin Damon F 6-6 200 Fr. Spokane, WA / Lewis & Clark HS
42 Jonathan Hawkins G 6-3 200 Sr. Phoenix, AZ / Greenway HS Yavapai College

So here’s the Kennel Dirt we have scrounged up so far.  Feel free to use it to make up as many creative and hilarious chants as possible:

1.  Freshman, Derek Isaak, seems to be adjusting to life in Idaho and in college quite nicely.  He is the fine fellow farthest Left.









2.  Sophomore, Grayson Moore, seems to us to be somewhat of a lifelong pet lover.  But you decide for yourself.








3.  Senior, John Hawkins, likes Justin Beiber and wants to be Super Man when he grows up.  #maturity.  The real question is, how does Johnny Boy get anywhere if he doesn’t like walking?!

From an Interview:

What’s on your iPod: Chris Tomlin, Justin Bieber, Sanctus Real, Shane & Shane

If you were a superhero, what super power: Superman, flying, cannot stand walking.




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