Dirt on West Virginia.

Monday is a BIGGG day.  The first Gonzaga game on ESPN, the first game of ESPN’s Tip-Off 24 hour College Basketball Marathon, not to mention a re-match straight out of the NCAA tournament last season, Zags v. West Virginia U.  We beat the Mountaineers 77-54, had somehow the memory escaped you.  Here’s a little refresher of the victory.  With an in-game look, I give you, hands down, the MVP of all Zags-In-Training in the history of the world:  
(P.S. anyone know this kid?  He’s awesome!) OR, if you really want to listen to Huggins talk for 4 minutes, here’s the post game press conference from last spring:   
.  Next we have the WVU roster, including some twitter handles and instagram usernames of a few of the more active social media profile holders on the Mountaineer team.  Feel free to dig your own dirt, but below we have some of the more notable posts, pics, and other gems the KC Board was able to find.  #PureGold.

Learn the name: Jabari Hinds, everyone, because he needs to be endlessly heckled about his riddiculous dance moves. (THE LINK IS NO LONGER WORKING AS JABARI HAS TAKEN IT DOWN, HOWEVER, THE FACT REMAINS THAT JABARI USED TO HAVE A REALLY EMBARRASSING VIDEO OF HIMESLF DOING A WEIRD DANCE ONLINE) –> Click this link:  jhines4 or go here [[http://cinemagr.am/show/35433645]] (is it a new spin on the cat daddy, #no, is this a revolutionized Dougie2.0, #obviouslynot, can any words actually describe what is going on here, #debatable).  As for Jabari, he calls it:  “#Allin #WVU #GetLight Jabarie Hinds Gettin It In.”  ALSO, meet @tPALM5. She is an important player in the accumulation of dirt on this Mountaineer team.  From what we can infer she is definitely in a relationship (of some kind) with Jabari, thanks to the documentation of this Kodak Moment:

 @tPALM5 does happen to be pretty tight with the team and is a favorite in Twitter interactions.  Infact, she should be commended as just an impressive human…she’s tweeted 42,397 times **as of Thursday (11/8) @10:47pm**.  Did anyone think this was even possible?  What is going on?  How???  If I was you, it would probably determine that it would be in my best interest to tweet at her, but, hey, that’s just me.  Possibly the reason that she likes Jabari so much is for his artistic ability (or the artistic interpretation of others expressing their vision of Jabari).  No one really knows the story behind this one, but regardless, its pretty hilarious.  

On to the next, Eron Harris.  He is a pretty nostalgic soul, often reminiscing and thinking back to “car talks with my bestie,” which is weird, because no one really seems to be talking here…eharris10 or [[ http://cinemagr.am/show/34164469]] #waaaaa????  We’re also guessing his GF is @ShannonGreeley, given the ungodly frequency with which they blow up eachother’s pages.  She’s not quite as great to observe as @tPALM5, but still, she should be considered a key KC Dirt player.  Also, #redalert, some Grant character, who is either a friend, acquaintance, or male jersey chaser affiliate with Eron is already buzzin’ about the game on Monday:

  And, yes, Grant, he’ll need that wished luck, because he’s about to feel the rath of a far superior Harris.  He wears a Zag uniform and the #20.  You’ll be introduced to him as he jams an alley-oop down you boi’s throat.  Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be playing highlights on SportCenter if you miss it, stay tuned.

Last, but not least is Gary Browne.  He shouldn’t really be one to worry about, as he seems to spend most of him time in a deep slumber.  Does he suffer from Narcolepsy or is it possible for someone to really be this tuckered all the time.  Either way, I’m digging the leopard blankie.  I think my 13 year old cousin has the same one, but in zebra.

In other closing news, a lesson:  just because you have a really common boring name doesn’t mean you have to conform to society’s preconcieved notion of how to spell it.  Normal society says “Hi, Dennis.”  West Virginia says, “its Deniz, I”m eating wings, and I have a narly beard.”

Mainstream America shouts “Aaron, do you really want candy, or are you just singing about it?”  West Virginia says, “Eron, may I borrow your hat?  I’m going fishing and can’t find mine.”

Normal people might wonder “Eric, would you really know my name if you saw me in heaven?”  But in West Virginia, everything is a mess because there aren’t any E’s.  Aric Dickerson takes selfies and posts them on his MySpace and Aaric Murray has no embarrassing pictures, but continues to create a million complications because he has the same name as Aric, but with an extra A.

No wonder Bob Huggins always looks so confused all the time.

Anyway, that was long, whoa, but definitely necessary.  As always, keep up the good work, KCer’s.  You guys rock.  Make sure you get some siiiiick, creative, whitty signs going for this game because the best 6 sign creators will be awarded a pair of tickets to #DayGlow at the Spokane Arena on Nov 30th.  That’s a giant, messy, colorful, paint sloppy, party of the century that you won’t want to miss.  #ZagUp #BeatWVU #tweetattPALM5 #banJabari’sdancemoves #wheretheheckisDnipropetrovskUkraine? #ESPN #TVtime #gettinfamous #thisoneisgoingtobegood


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