College Game Day Video Contest: Zags at Butler, G-I-I (Gonzaga-in-Indianapolis)

Cropped Butler

If you were like us, we were jazzed to see a College GameDay selection on our schedule season, but super bummed to hear it wasn’t at home.   Cheer up, Zags, because we have good news, two of you lucky ducks will be on location for this Bulldog v. Bulldog showdown, a rematch from our 71-55  butt whooping victory last December when Butler came to Spokane.  Intrigued?  Keep listening…

Tell us why you are the best Gonzaga fan ever for a chance to win a TICKET, AIRFARE, and A HOTEL ROOM for the ESPN College GameDay at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana on JANUAY 19th. The KC Board was lucky enough to get in contact with Butler’s student leadership and three Kennel Club Board members will meet with student leaders at Butler and we want to bring two Gonzaga student representatives along too! No membership funds will be used to support this trip or the winners. Please direct all questions to


  1. All Current Gonzaga Students only who are:
    1. Members of the Kennel Club 2012-2013 and
    2. Have a 2012-2013 Kennel Club t-shirt


  1. Your video must tell us why you are the best Gonzaga fan or why we should pick you to represent the Kennel Club at GameDay.
  2. Only ONE participant may be entered per video submission.  The person who is entering the contest must be designated by name either in the video description or in an email that accompanies the submission.
  3. Videos must be 1-2 minutes in length, no longer, no shorter.
  4. Entering participants must be wearing their 2012-2013 Kennel Club shirt in the video.
  5. All video content must be appropriate and in line with the Gonzaga University Ethos statement.  The Kennel Club Board reserves the right to disqualify any content that does not adhere to these rules.


  1. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube before they are submitted.  A link of the video will then be emailed to to complete the submission.  If entering participants are unwilling to post their video publicly on YouTube they may chose the private video option, where only those with access to the URL of the video may view it.  Participants will be asked to make their video public if it is selected in the Top 10 submission so it can be judged.
  2.  The Kennel Club Board will select the Top 10 video submissions which will then be posted to the Gonzaga Kennel Club Facebook page.
  3. The two videos with the most likes on Facebook will be crowned the WINNERS!!


  1. Monday, 12/3:  Contest Announced on Gonzaga Kennel Club’s website blog and social media.
  2. Sunday, 1/6:  All video submissions due by 11:59pm.
  3. Monday, 1/7-1/9:  Kennel Club Board selects Top 10 Submissions
  4. Thursday, 1/10 (#BeatStMarys):  Top 10 entries will be posted to Gonzaga Kennel Club’s Facebook page, and participants notified.
    1. Voting on Facebook begins at 8:00am on 1/10
    2. Voting on Facebook closes at 12:00pm on 1/13
  5. Sunday, 1/13:  Winners notified

See You at the Hinkle Fieldhouse


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