GU vs CSU: Here’s the dirt…

GU vs CSU: Here’s the dirt…

Monday is the Colorado State Men’s basketball game, so we thought we’d dig up a little dirt on the team… Check out the roster:



This sums up the extent of CSU’s athletic skills. We call it the “Bejarano Bubble”, but the only thing he’ll be blowing is his 3’s.

And this…


Dwight Smith…please refrain from staring into my soul…I feel violated. Let’s hope he doesn’t include this look in his defensive stance. Keep your eyes on the belly button Dwight.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.41.18 PM

Jon Octeus ladies and gentlemen…but let’s just call him Soulja Boy Jr. Please “crank that” belt a little tigher for everyone’s sake.

But the real dirt comes with the coach, Larry Eustachy. He actually sounds like a really good time. In fact, you might even find him at Jack and Dan’s after the game. About ten years ago you would have found him partying at all the frats at his rival schools too.

Check out Larry Eustachy’s Guide to a Party night: 

First this…

Then this…

Also in a recent quote he has turned his attention to Colorado’s marijuana legalization laws:

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.37.02 PM

“I think people still think we’re going to be better than last year and I’m coaching them going, ‘they did legalize weed here.’ It is legal, because I’m going, ‘I don’t know—’ it must be strong weed, too,” Said Eustachy.

He just called CSU fans high, HIGH. 

He also said, “If we go to Gonzaga, and let’s say it doesn’t work out…” Well we all know it’s not going to work out. The only thing that is going to be high on Monday night is their turnover rate. Eustachy may not have much faith in his team, but his players do, or at least they think they do…

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