HELLLLLO THERE, ZAGS! Hope the first week of classes is going well, and that you’re finding it easy to get back in the swing of things. With that being said, let’s get the important piece of information out of the way….


That’s right! For those of you who are freshmen, or maybe some sophomores, you might not remember the Blog. But for those of us that do, we go way back – nothing like being able to get on the Blog and check up on all your sports at once, or read some dirt on the next basketball opponent as you’re freezing your spirited butts off in Tent City.

Yes, we all have some fond memories with the Blog, and we as a Board this year thought that last year just wasn’t the same without the Blog. So, here we are! Just a few things that you can expect from this as the school year goes on:

1. We’ll have links to all relevant information for any sport that is currently being played at GU: this means that in the fall we’ll have links to everything the soccer, volleyball and even cross country teams are up to, so you can keep track of all of our great Gonzaga athletes. This is the same for basketball in the winter, as well as baseball, golf, crew, tennis and track teams in the spring. Expect these things to be up in the next few days as we get everything pulled together.

2. For basketball season specifically, look for updates on game happenings, ticket distribution dates and times, and any relevant information on tenting or game day procedures. We know questions around these things come up, so we want to use this as a resource and help you access this information quickly and easily.

3. Finally, look for the return of Dirt: there’s nothing like reading up on the next big opponent for basketball games and knowing just how they tick, and being able to come up with creative ways to get under their skin. If you’re confused, look at the previous blog entries on CSU, SMC and WVU – it’s some pretty good stuff.

Well, that’s about all we have for now. Just a quick reminder to everyone that has a Kennel Club Membership: remember to swing by our tent at Club Fair on September 11 to pick up your free pair of socks! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still get your membership pack here and get your sling bag, 30th anniversary KC shirt, as well as the socks. See you around, Zags!


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