Something GREAT is Coming to Campus…

First off, THANK YOU to everyone that came out to see us at Club Fair! It’s always great to see so many of you guys excited to get back in the Kennel and root for the Zags! If you missed us and still need to pick up your membership pack, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future to get that taken care of, so don’t worry.

Quick weekly rundown:

Tuesday, 9/16: Women’s Golf is on Day 2 of the Branch Law Firm/Dick McGuire Invitational

Friday, 9/19: Women’s Soccer is at North Texas and Volleyball is at Seattle

Saturday, 9/20: Volleyball at Montana, Men’s Soccer takes on UNLV at home at 1:00pm, and XC is at Plantes Ferry at 9:00am (this is a HOME race for them, so get out there and watch a great run!)

Now, for the meat of this post…

As many of you may have heard, Gonzaga University has the incredible honor to host the 2014 Opus Prize, which is a HUGE deal! If you don’t know, the Opus Foundation gives the Prize away to faith-based humanitarian efforts across the world. First prize: a cool million bucks (casual). Two other finalists receive $100K for their awesome work.

Basically, this is a great opportunity to get an up-close look at some people who are doing some great things out there in the world, and they are all coming here (yes, little ol’ GU in Spokane, Washington) in recognition of all of the hard work and effort they put in to the communities they serve.

But Blog, you may find yourself asking, Why does the Kennel Club care? This isn’t a sporting event – we can’t go and cheer and be rowdy at a prestigious award ceremony!

But that’s the thing – as a representation of Gonzaga University and all the great things that happen here, we feel it’s important to have a great representation of our student body present and active in all things Opus on and off campus (and there are a lot of opportunities to be involved). For example, did you know that some of your fellow Zags have already met the Finalists, and actually spent their Spring Breaks and Summers touring around the communities the Finalists are involved in, seeing first hand all the great things that they are doing? Did you know that our President, Dr. Thayne McCulloh, was one of the jurors responsible for selecting the Finalists for the award – and worked with people like Greg Bui (Nike VP), Cherif Bassiouni (United Nations Human Rights Expert), and Fawn Sharp (President of the Quinault Indian Nation)?

Gonzaga has been extremely connected with the Opus Foundation in getting ready to award this ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE to someone who represents the exact values that we learn here as students. Our mission aligns with the mission of Opus, challenging others to think globally and live lives of service. There are weekly Tuesday night lectures on campus in Wolff (7:00 pm) leading up to the final ceremony that address all of these topics and more – this is a great opportunity to open your mind to some great things happening around the world, and what Gonzaga has been working on for a long time.

Tickets to the final ceremony on October 16th are FREE (that’s $0) in Crosby – all you have to do is pick one up with your student ID card (Get them at the same as your friends so you can all sit together)! Transportation to the Fox Theater is provided, so get together with your friends and go check out some great people who are about to have their lives changed!

For more information about Opus, the Finalists and all events going on leading up to the final ceremony, visit, or email Ally Crha (she’s very passionate about this!)


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