Quick Weekly Update: Fall is Here and it is BUSY

Hey Zags! Hope November is going well so far – hard to believe we’re over halfway done with the semester already!

First off, thank you to everyone who came out to the Exhibition games last weekend – it was a great chance to get a good look at both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, and after dominant wins by both teams, it’s safe to say this is gonna be a fun year.

Here’s a quick update for things that are going on this week – there’s a lot that are happening, so bear with me!

To start, tomorrow night (November 6) has a few events going on:

  1. Mr. Zag, hosted by AKPsi, is in Cataldo from 7-9 – this is a great event where some pretty stellar Gonzaga guys will be competing for the honor of the title of Mr. Zag! Tickets can be purchased in front of Crosby tomorrow or on CashNet for $3, or for $5 at the door.
  2. Are you 21 or older? Sign up for Social Club! Just $10 for Kennel Club members, you’ll get free entry, three drinks and a sweet Social Club penny to wear to the events. You can pick these up TOMORROW from 7-9pm at Jack & Dan’s, and if you show up there you’ll get a free drink ticket! The first Social Club tab is Friday November 14, so sign up and pick up soon!
  3. Zags Volleyball takes on Santa Clara in the Martin Center at 6 pm – come out and show our volleyball team some love as they battle for the win!

Saturday November 8:

  1. Volleyball is back and playing San Francisco at noon!
  2. Women’s Soccer is celebrating their Senior Night against Portland at 1:00pm – come watch as seven seniors play their last game at Gonzaga! We will also be giving out scarves to the first 100 fans!

Sunday November 9:

  1. Men’s Soccer takes on Pacific in one of their final games of the season – they’ll be fresh off a trip to Saint Mary’s, so head down to Luger Field at 1:00 to watch!
  2. Ticket Distribution for the upcoming basketball games against Sacramento State (11/14) and Southern Methodist (11/17).

Now, this Ticket Distribution is going to work a little differently – doors to the Kennel will open at 6:00, and you will all move into the student section. There, at 6:30, we’re going to cover new cheers and happenings for the Kennel this year, cover a little of The Dirt for both teams and you’ll hear about Tent City from both the Kennel Board and Student Development. Then, at 7:00, you will go to get your cards swiped as usual, and you’ll be on your way.

You’ll hear more about Tent City over the coming week (SINCE THE FIRST ONE IS FOR SOUTHERN METHODIST ON NOV 17), but we want to address a couple of rumors that have been going around:

  • Tent City will not be inside this year. This rumor came out of left field. It will not be in the gym, or in College Hall or anywhere inside: it will be outside.
  • You will still be able to sleep outside overnight. This came out of weather concerns last year and the possibility of frostbite at certain times, but Tent City will continue overnight.
  • Just because some games are tenting games does not mean every game can be: please do not camp overnight for games that are not designated Tent City games. This gets into a whole bunch of legal issues and causes concerns with Student Development and Campus Security, and can potentially impact future tenting games in a negative way. The line for each game starts at 5:00 am the day of the game – no sooner.

Well…. That’s a lot, but that’s it for now. See you back in the Kennel very soon!


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