The DIRT on Washington State

HAPPY GAME DAY! Everyone’s favorite game on the non-conference schedule… The day every year we get to bash our in-state rivals!

If you grew up anywhere in the Northwest OUTSIDE of Eastern Washington, there’s one way to describe the Cougars: “They suck.” I learned it, you learned it, everyone did. Even those who root for the Cougs have that teeny little bit of regret every time they shout “GO COUGS!” because, well, “Cougin’ It” is a real thing.

Our friendly neighbors to the south have been busy busy this season, opening a two game road trip in Texas (and losing both) before traveling to ALASKA (that’s kind of exciting – honestly, didn’t know there were early-season basketball tournaments in Alaska. Learn something new every blog!) and going 2-1 in the Great Alaska Shootout, good for fifth place. They roll into Spokane with a 4-4 record: solid, admirable, and better than their football team.

Enough small talk. Here’s the good stuff:

The classic starting five for WSU are Junior Longrus, Josh Hawkinson, Ike Iroegbu, DeVonte Lacy and Ny Redding. Ny is the only player that hasn’t been through the Kennel before and has no idea what he’s getting himself into, so let’s give him a little special treatment.

Here he is:

Ny Redding

WAIT WAIT WAIT, is that… Jaden Smith?!

Jaden SmithNo? Dang. Really could have fooled me. Especially with this:

Like I’m expecting some super profound tweets about life or something, but I guess he’s actually Ny Redding, not Jaden Smith.



So we’ve got Will Smith’s son, who else? DeVonte Lacy… He’s been somewhat of a star for WSU over the past couple years, let’s check him out.

Let’s see. “youngsimba253” on Instagram, let’s take a quick look at his bio… Oh, it says he’s a professional photographer! That’s pretty cool I guess. Here’s some of his shots:

DeVonte Lacy1 DeVonte Lacy2 DeVonte Lacy3 DeVonte Lacy4

And that’s just a small sample of his “body of work”. Maybe he meant that he’s a profession photographer’s model, because I’m really not kidding, the dude has a LOT of professional pictures of himself:

DeVonte LacyAnd it really doesn’t get any better. A couple of insights from his day to day life:

I don’t know when I could have missed that but duly noted and I will make sure to remember that.

Deep. Eat those feelings man, never hurt anyone.

……I can’t. I can’t make this up.

Okay, let’s head to the bench.

First up: Jordan Railey, who had this:

And, you know, I’m not gonna lie. That was pretty sweet. It was good enough for #1 on SportsCenter’s Top 10 for a little bit. He did have a lot to do with it, as it seems that roughly 87% of his tweets have been retweets of that video trying to get it on TV. There’s also this:

Which is probably NOT the thing you wanna put on the internet if you’re a guy in a relationship and went and saw Gone Girl because, well, now we all know.

We’ve got Valentine Izundu, offering up this brilliant observation:

YOU DON’T SAY?! I never would have guessed…. And, for further proof:

Valentine1  Well….. Yeah there’s that. He’s gonna help us get into the finals spirit as well:

Valentine3 In fact, that seems to be a common thing among WSU players. If we move to Marcus Graham, we see a lot of the same thing:





I get it. Really. This is the kind of stuff that really gets to me and hits home. Please, if someone brings a sign of the GPA emoji, I will reward you handsomely.

Just a last few things:

Trevor Dunbar has a few words of wisdom going into tonight’s game:

Really? Shoutout to the pear? That’s all you’ve got to say?

Okay well that’s cool I guess. More impressive is that his “Yup” tweet got 100+ retweets… NO IDEA HOW IT’S ONE SIMPLE WORD

To finalize, here’s the general representation of Washington State basketball:

Yeah. Justin Bieber in the top five. To follow that up, here’s our response to WSU after tomorrow night:

DUECES! See ya WSU, hope you enjoy your time in the Kennel, and we will definitely enjoy sending you back to Pullman.


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