WSU in the Arena: Where To Go & What To Do

Hey ya’ll! Night before the big Arena game of the year, and we’re hoping you’re all excited! now, though the comfines of the Kennel are close and comfortable, keep in mind that the Spokane Arena is a little different… Like 14,000 people different. Yeah, basically this is a double Kennel, and with Pullman so close to Gonzaga, expect to see a LOT of Crimson in the seats tomorrow night.

NOT A PROBLEM! We know how to make an arena rock, and I expect ALL of you on your loudest, proudest, GonSWAGiest behavior!

Here a quick little rundown of how things are going to go:

First off, the line. Yes, there are multiple entrances to the Spokane Arena. No, we are not using all of them and starting a free-for-all for seats once inside. Though your ticket has a seat assignment on it, the student section (sections 121 and 122) is general admission – this means first come, first served. There will be ONE line into the Arena for students, and we will be actively patrolling the doors prior to opening to ensure that ONE student line is forming.

Where is this student entrance? It’s the southeast corner, at the bottom of the stairs, right off of Cataldo. Here’s a handy dandy little map to show you:

Where to go for WSU entrance

Paint is such a marvelous invention. Circled in yellow are Dussault and Tilford – the road in yellow is Cataldo, which will literally take you right to the student entrance.

Second: transport. You are free to drive yourselves to the game – duh. HOWEVER, parking is $6 per vehicle, CASH ONLY. This is the Arena’s parking fee, we have nothing to do with it. There will be busses running back and forth from Desmet Circle to the student entrance, beginning at 6:00 pm tomorrow. If you do not want to pay the parking fee or don’t have a car, this is your option. They will also be available once the game is over for the return to campus.

Third: GAME TIME. The Arena is a great venue and should provide a lot of great opportunities to get the big stadium feel the cozy Kennel often lacks. To get into the game, you will need two things:

  1. Your physical ticket. I know we get caught up with our tickets being on our ID cards, but yeah you actually need to bring the paper ticket to the game in order to get in.
  2. Your student ID card. You’ve gotta prove that you’re a student to have a student ticket and sit in the student section – just saying.

Also, for those of you that are of legal drinking age, plan ahead – the beer gardens in the Arena will be open. Yes, this means alcohol will be available at the game. NO, you will not be able to drink it anywhere except the beer gardens – no buying and taking it to your seat, to your underage friends, none of that. What is purchased in the beer gardens stays in the beer gardens. Also, just because there will be alcohol available does not mean the student section can turn into a mess. If you are too drunk, you will be asked to leave. PLEASE represent not only the Kennel, but our University as a whole in the best way possible. This is a huge opportunity for us in the city of Spokane, and want to prove that Zags truly are the best!

Check back tomorrow morning for the DIRT ON WASHINGTON STATE, and come ready to show the Cougs what we’re all about! See you tomorrow night!


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