Halftime’s over – LET’S GO!


Let me tell you… It was a long, dark, cold winter break without you all to warm my heart! But now that we have crossed the halfway point of the academic year (and the basketball season), let’s hit the high points of the first half and take a look ahead at what’s coming now that halftime is over…

With everyone returning, we aim to continue the trend of TOTAL. ZAG. DOMINATION. We come back to Spokane to the Women’s team with an outstanding 12-4 record, and the Men’s team with an awe-inspiring 16-1 record – and both teams have matching 5-0 records in WCC conference play, cementing their current places at the top of the West Coast Conference. With only two months (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT) left, here’s what we’re looking forward to for the rest of the season:

  1. BIG games in Spokane:

With the boys starting WCC play with a three game road trip and the girls starting their WCC season with a huge home win over BYU, there are a LOT of huge games left in Spokane this season! In total, there are only 14 home games left this year between MBB and WBB… A sad thought, but when you take a look at what some of them are, it actually gets pretty exciting:

  • Thursday, January 22: Men’s game against St. Mary’s: a TENT CITY game, and the first time in three years that this game ISN’T over Christmas Break – we’ve got already got the DIRT on this one all pulled together!
  • Saturday, January 31: Men’s game against Memphis: a TENT CITY game, National Gonzaga Day, and looking to complete a 12-1 nonconference slate with a revenge win from last season
  • Thursday, February 19: Women’s game against St. Mary’s: always a huge game!
  • Saturday, February 21: Women’s game against Pacific: Senior Night against a team that is currently 14-3 and 5-0 in the WCC – this game could have HUGE tournament implications!
  • Saturday, February 28: Men’s game against BYU: the final TENT CITY game, Senior Night, and the final game of the regular season!

So yeah… There’s a lot to be excited for in the next few weeks.

  1. Heading into the home stretch means one thing… VEGAS!

That’s right… First week of second semester and, let’s be real, we’re already thinking about Spring Break. SO, why not spend it with us in Las Vegas for the WCC Championship Tournament? March 5-10 of this year, we’ll be there, will you?!

We’re already working on hotel packages and hope to have them out and posted to you guys in the next few weeks, there will be social club packages, Alumni get-togethers, too many things to count. Ticket information will be released sometime in February, so keep an eye out for that as well!

  1. What we’re working on….

We’ve got a few projects that are in the works, and a lot of them require your help!

The FIRST is happening RIGHT NOW! Our beloved Coach Few is participating in ESPN’s Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge! By participating, Coach Few automatically wins $1,000 for Community Cancer Fund, which helps provide treatment to cancer patients here in the Inland Northwest.


HOWEVER, by voting for Coach Few with your ESPN account at the link above, you can help him win even more! If he makes the second round (Top 24), he wins $2,500; the third round (Top 16) earns $10,000; making the Top 4 will earn $15,000, and being the Champion will be worth $100,000!! All it takes is a few seconds to log in to your ESPN account and vote, and this little action every day can help change a lot of lives! The first round ends January 25, so help us out and VOTE!!!!

SECOND: we’re making a run at Naismith Student Section of the Year!

Ask any Gonzaga fan about the Kennel and they will say that we’re definitely one of the best student sections in the country – we’ve been consistently recognized by ESPN and CBS Sports as one of the Top 5 student sections, so why not make it official?? By entering in to Naismith’s competition, we’re aiming to get the recognition that you all truly deserve – the Kennel is definitely something that sets Gonzaga apart from other schools and provides a huge advantage when playing other schools!

Here’s where you come in: if selected as a Semifinalist, we’ll need all the help we can get in voting! This will be a huge campaign, and will definitely be a title that we will wear with pride! In addition, the winning school gets $10,000 for scholarships, which would definitely be HUGE to give back to the school! We’ll keep you posted as this all gets going, but expect us to make a huge push as it moves along!

THIRD: Keeping the Kennel rocking!

We’ve got great promos and some cool new ideas that are going to start rolling out… With the new year comes new events, and we’re excited to keep our competitive edge and provide you guys with some great experiences during the games this semester!

That’s it for now – good luck with the beginning of the semester, so glad to be back with all of you, and can’t WAIT to see what happens this semester!



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