The DIRT on National Gonzaga Day! (and Memphis)

So here’s the thing.

I know, it’s already game day.

And you’ve been out in your tents for almost 24 hours now.

And it’s National Gonzaga Day, so are you guys are ready to SERIOUSLY have some fun tonight?!

BECAUSE I AM! Really though, how many schools can celebrate their school’s own holiday?! That’s pretty freaking sweet, if you ask me. I know there are a lot of really cool things happening today and a few really nice surprises (read: GET STOKED), so take everything in today and enjoy it!

With that being said…. IT’S GAME DAY. We’ve got Memphis tonight, and it’s an ESPN(2) game, so we want everyone on their best, rowdiest behavior. Signs, costumes, the whole deal – lets make everyone watching know how proud we are to be Zags.

With wanting the Kennel to be loud tonight, we decided that it would be good to give you guys a little extra boost…. So, here’s a very brief DIRT ON MEMPHIS!

Memphis rolls into the Kennel is a… Respectable way, let’s say. They’re sitting at 13-7, 6-3 in the American Athletic Conference and have had kind of a rough year. We all remember what happened last time these two teams faced each other – last season, in Memphis, College Game Day was there, we LOST and everyone immediately started talking about the quality of the rematch this season. Wellllllll, let’s just say we hope it’s that kind of quality. Memphis has had a rough season across the board, with players leaving and rough losses and just a general sense of “well oopsie”, so hopefully this turns into a good game. Just remember that Memphis was the first (and temporary) home of Drew Barham before he became a Zag, so some good things do come out of Memphis every once in a while.

Let’s start with the coach: Josh Pastner looks like a college kid thrust into a coaching job, and he could easily pass for a student that belongs in the Kennel. He’s done a pretty good job at Memphis, and has left himself with a few pretty great moments over the last few seasons:

1. He can’t dance. At all.

2. He’s all about positivity

Now, I’m just gonna throw this out there: once the game is over tonight, I don’t think he’ll have too many Positive Pauls to go be around. However, we’ll have a Positive Pangos and that’s all that matters!

We move to Austin Nichols, who could best be described as one of the stars for Memphis – his most recent ‘big play’ was a made basket with 3 seconds left to give the Tigers a 2-point win. Whoa. He also still has his high school recruiting highlight tape in his Twitter bio which, if I’m not mistaken, is kind of outdated considering he’s a sophomore in college now. He’s a generally positive person and doesn’t leave a lot of things around to make fun of, so let’s just try to put a frown on his face so Coach has a Negative Nichols to be around.

Then, Jordan Manse is having a ton of standard college issues in his first year away from home, and I can kind of relate:

I mean, yeah that’s a personal problem and I wish I could help you out, but that’s all on you man.

Jake McDowell, who’s tweeted this video at least five times, all related to having a bad basketball game:

So I think it’s safe to say if you brought Starburst tomorrow, it’d help him out a little and maybe things would get a little more competitive.

Avery Woodson, who has over 20,000 tweets and it seems like 75% of them are all praise from fans. I’m all for positive reinforcement, especially when you need to feel good about yourself or if you’re having a rough day, but seriously?? THAT MUCH?! I think something’s wrong and there’s either a major ego or major confidence problem here.

D’Marnier Cunningham, who has a ton of Twitter selfies that stare into your soul:

I’m traumatized. That’s horrifying. Really.

We’ll go ahead and stop here, but please be loud and proud for your Bulldogs tonight! We’ve got one of the best home courts in the nation and it’s our HOLIDAY! So let’s show the country what the best student section is capable of!


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