Vegas 2016 Part II: Tickets

Hey again!

In case you missed it last week, the Ticket Office released ticketing information for students via Twitter. The full post can be found at this link, but here’e the rundown:

On Sunday, February 28, WCC Student Ticket distribution will begin at 7:00 pm at the northeast entrance (closest to CM). Tickets will be distributed by class designation, starting with seniors, and continue until all tickets have been distributed.

The WCC allots 200 full-tournament tickets per school, as well as an additional 200 championship-only tickets. A small amount of these tickets will be given away through promotions, so the final number of tickets available will be publicized prior to distribution.

Payment information is available through the link, and students will need to make sure they log into the ticketing systems and create an account PRIOR to distribution. Tickets will be available for pick up in Vegas one hour prior to the beginning of each game.

If you have any questions about this, please check the above link, or email the Ticket Office at for help. Make sure to follow the Ticket Office on Twitter @GonzagaTix for all future updates!

As far as a teaser for Vegas Social Club packs… We should have information ready for those by the end of the week, but can give some information out now. The price range is expected to be around $70-$75, and we’re working on getting the finalized DJ line up for clubs on Saturday, Sunday and Monday… However…. Tuesday night, to end our time in Vegas, we’ll be hanging out at OMNIA at Caesar’s Palace with…


Calvin Harris. Included. That’s right – Vegas packs include tickets to see Calvin Harris, without paying cover charge or ticket fees.

Hopefully this keeps you excited until the end of the week, but you’ll get more information soon!

Matthew Clark
Social Club + Vegas Coordinator


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