The Dirt on USF

There are 3 home games left in this historical season, so we’re going to do everything we can to make the Kennel the best atmosphere it can possibly be. We present to you (drumroll please)… THE DIRT ON USF!

First off…. Number 3, Ronnie Boyce.

Our good boy Ronnie originally played school at Connors State College (where?) a community college that is an NJCAA Division I (Huh?) school where he played before transferring to USF. Boyce currently averages the most points for USF tallying 13.9 points per game. We have a suspicion though that he probably needed to take summer school to get his grades up in order to even be eligible to play college ball… Check out this picture we got of him in summer school.











That’s not it, though… ****GIRLFRIEND ALERT!!!

Meet Ronnie’s girlfriend, Bri. Bri and Ronnie are in a long distance relationship and have WAY too many pictures on social media.
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.13.22 PM.png


Say hello to number 11 Remu Raitanen. This freshman played at Helsinki Basketball Academy and also the Finland’s Under-18 National Team. Although he has had a successful year abroad, he averages a measly 5 points per game for the Dons. His Instagram is “remuraitanen” and he tends to abuse the hashtag #awkwardlefty wayyyy too much.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.20.24 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.20.18 PM.png

We would now like to introduce you to the first member of the Dons starting lineup, Charles Minlend. Charles’s father, Charles Minlend (haha) was a STUD at St John’s who averaged 13.6 pts and 7.7 rebs per game so you can say he has been living in the shadow of his father. He is though a KING of mirror selfies. Check out a few we were able to bring together. IMG_5208.JPG

Next up is the 6’7 forward Nate Renfro who is also a starter for the Dons. Renfro was the prom king for his high school and his girlfriend’s name is Carly who’s on USF’s volleyball team. 😏

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.43.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.42.34 PM.png

Number 22 Chase Foster is up next, he averages 9.6 points for USF and went to same high school as Christian McCaffrey and some of his family members are named Kendra, Kenny, and Bryan. aga_San_Francisco_Basketball.JPG_t1200.jpg

The next starter in our dirt is number 25 Jordan Ratinho, a Spurs fan who goes by the nickname “J Rat” (GROSS) and kind of looks like one too. He’s also dating a girl named Katie Hoyt and his mom’s name is Suzann.
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.04.17 AM.png15230605_140797009730236_9217382505525943589_n.jpg


Our last player in our dirt is Mladen Djordjevic a sophomore from Serbia who’s dating a girl named Tijana Zivojinovic since 2013 and has SO many bad pictures on his social media that we would rather have the pictures tell the story.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.16.45 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.17.09 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.17.33 AM.png

Well Zags, that’s it for the Dirt USF addition, here on out we’ll be posting Dirt for the remainder of the home games to spice up our chants and do whatever we can to help the Gonzaga Men’s Basketball team end this season 30-0. Go Zags always and see you in the Kennel!




Winter is Coming, and so is VEGAS!!!!!

Hey Zags!

It’s about that time of year when we have to start thinking about the important things in life. It’s the start of 2017 and a new semester, and there are many decisions coming our way. Whether you’re a Senior savoring the last moments of your college career and deciding what the real world will look like or you still think college lasts forever (cough-Juniors-cough), I have good news for you: VEGAS IS COMING!!!!

Yes – it is finally time to start planning for the WCC Tournament, one of the many great Zag traditions. We will cover the details through this blog and answer any questions you many have along the way.

So, let’s get to it. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  • Talk to your professors. Hopefully this is old news, but this year’s tournament dates are Saturday March 4th through Tuesday, March 7th, which is the week before spring break. Fortunately, Zags do not give up easily, and we will still be keeping the tradition alive. With that said, let your professors know that you will be gone immediately at the start of the semester. Plan early, schedule your tests the week before, do whatever you need to do, just don’t wait until the last minute (I hear Vegas isn’t the most optimal studying location).
  • Flights. If you haven’t already, book them. Like right now. To get the most out of the trip, plan on arriving in Vegas on Saturday and leaving Wednesday morning.
  • Hotel. This year, we will be staying at The Mirage Hotel & Casino. Amenities include a dolphin habitat, an outdoor pool, an indoor saltwater aquarium, popular comedy, and live performances, several bars and lounges, a spa, a shopping area and multiple dining options. Yes, I copied that from their website. But seriously, this place is awesome. It is known for its extravagant pools and even features a Euro-style Bare Pool Lounge, ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

As far as rooms go, we have a hotel block reserved and will send out the group code link. Vegas hotels can get very pricey, but we were able to work out a deal for our group, which is much cheaper than booking a hotel on your own. Here is the price breakdown and average per night:

  • Saturday, March 4th: $160
  • Sunday, March 5th: $130
  • Monday, March 6th: $160
  • Tuesday, March 7th: $290
  • Average: $185/night

Something important to note: These prices are only for the rooms. Vegas hotels charge a $30/night resort fee, which covers things like the pools and internet, as well as 12% tax, so keep this in mind. You will also receive two “complimentary welcome amenities” (don’t know what that means, but hey, sounds cool) as well as two complimentary round trip airport transfers.

  • Vegas Social Club Packs. Now we’re talking. Packs are $85 for Kennel Club members *(you do not need to be in Social Club) and $99 for recent alumni. Check your emails for the link to purchase. Here’s what they include:
  • Access to 4 of the best nightclubs in Vegas. No cover charge. No extra charge for the performer. Ratio doesn’t matter (you’re welcome gentlemen). We just give you a wristband and you get in. Here’s the schedule:
    • Saturday: 1 Oak at The Mirage (hey, that’s convenient)
    • Sunday: Hakkasan at MGM Grand
    • Monday: Marquee at The Cosmopolitan
    • Tuesday: Omnia at Caesars Palace.
  • Pre-game socials with alumni (3 total). I know adults can be weird, but when they’re all Zags and are giving you free drink tickets (and who knows maybe a job…) they can be a lot of fun. In all seriousness, these socials are a blast and there’s no better way to prepare for the games than hanging out with thousands (not exaggerating) of crazy Zag fans. If you’re not already sold, you also get free drink tickets and unlimited food.

*if you are not a Kennel Club member, you can still purchase a membership at 

Tickets. Ticket information will be coming out from the Ticket Office ( as the tournament gets closer. Games will be on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. Times and how much we win by – TBD.


Whew. That was a lot. But hey, it’s an important time of year and this is important stuff. Keep an eye out for more emails/blog posts as Vegas gets closer. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions/concerns or if you just really want to get off your chest how excited you are for Vegas.

That’s all for now. Roll Zags.

Nate Disser

Social Club & Vegas Coordinator, Kennel Club

Vegas 2016 Part II: Tickets

Hey again!

In case you missed it last week, the Ticket Office released ticketing information for students via Twitter. The full post can be found at this link, but here’e the rundown:

On Sunday, February 28, WCC Student Ticket distribution will begin at 7:00 pm at the northeast entrance (closest to CM). Tickets will be distributed by class designation, starting with seniors, and continue until all tickets have been distributed.

The WCC allots 200 full-tournament tickets per school, as well as an additional 200 championship-only tickets. A small amount of these tickets will be given away through promotions, so the final number of tickets available will be publicized prior to distribution.

Payment information is available through the link, and students will need to make sure they log into the ticketing systems and create an account PRIOR to distribution. Tickets will be available for pick up in Vegas one hour prior to the beginning of each game.

If you have any questions about this, please check the above link, or email the Ticket Office at for help. Make sure to follow the Ticket Office on Twitter @GonzagaTix for all future updates!

As far as a teaser for Vegas Social Club packs… We should have information ready for those by the end of the week, but can give some information out now. The price range is expected to be around $70-$75, and we’re working on getting the finalized DJ line up for clubs on Saturday, Sunday and Monday… However…. Tuesday night, to end our time in Vegas, we’ll be hanging out at OMNIA at Caesar’s Palace with…


Calvin Harris. Included. That’s right – Vegas packs include tickets to see Calvin Harris, without paying cover charge or ticket fees.

Hopefully this keeps you excited until the end of the week, but you’ll get more information soon!

Matthew Clark
Social Club + Vegas Coordinator

The First Vegas Post of 2016

Hello Zags!

Now that things have calmed down a bit, it’s time to get the details on something you’ve all probably been looking forward to for a while – the WCC Tournament in VEGAS!

That’s right – it’s finally time to start putting out information for the WCC Tournament over Spring Break, and this is the first of three posts over the next couple of weeks. We’ll cover hotel details here, and the next ones will cover the Vegas Social Club pack and ticketing information from Athletics.

So, without further ado……  Let’s get started.

If you’ve been to Vegas in the last couple years for the tourney (or know anyone that has), you’ll remember that Zags have been taking over the Monte Carlo and settling in for a weekend of fun. This year, we decided to mix it up a little bit – we were able to get a better deal for Zags this year at the Planet Hollywood.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The great thing about the Planet Hollywood is that it’s in the heart of the Strip, and you’ll be able to find a ton of great things to do within a few minutes walk. Whether it’s the in-house casino, twin pools and cabanas, the Miracle Mile shopping center or contracted shows (Pitbull or Britney Spears, anyone?) or walking over to Caesar’s Palace or the Bellagio, exploring the strip and taking in the sights, there truly isn’t a lack of things to do.

As far as rooms… We’ve got two 40-room blocks reserved for traveling Zags, and a purchase code will be going out the afternoon of January 20. Once those 80 rooms are booked, the code should continue working, and more rooms will be added for additional students as needed.

The average price per night is about $124, which is a pretty great deal compared to what a lot of other hotels are charging, and is significantly cheaper than booking through the Planet Hollywood’s website. The group discount code is good for rooms from Friday night through Tuesday night, so staying Friday – Wednesday for the whole tournament is totally possible.

Here’s a price breakdown per night:

  • Friday, March 4: $135
  • Saturday, March 5: $144
  • Sunday, March 6: $112
  • Monday, March 7: $116
  • Tuesday, March 8: $116

This information is all available through the group code link that will be sent out, and you’ll be able to see the price breakdown. Upgrades are available for an extra cost per night, and more expensive rooms obviously have better accommodations.

Something important to note these prices are only for the rooms: Vegas hotels charge a $29/night resort fee, which covers things like the pool and internet, as well as 12% tax, so keep this in mind. When reserving your room, they will ask you to pay the first night’s cost to reserve your room, and the rest of the cost will be charged at check in. Additionally, these prices are based on two adults staying per room –  there is occupancy for up to four people, but you might be charged additional money for additional people.

Whew. Hotels are complicated. BUT.

We’re excited that Vegas is just a few short weeks away, and so happy to finally have details available for you all! All students who are going to Vegas can book through the hotel block or purchase Social Club packs – you don’t have to be a Social Club member. We’ll have more details on Social Club packs next week as we continue to wrap details up, so we’ll keep you posted!

If you have any questions about this, or in the process at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at and I’ll try to answer as best I can!

Matthew Clark
Social Club and Vegas Coordinator

Battle in Seattle 2015: All You Need to Know

Hello Zags! With December right around the corner and finals quickly approaching (*sigh*), we wanted to give you something to look forward to after the semester is officially finished with all the info for Battle in Seattle!

This annual game held at Key Arena is on Saturday, December 19, the Saturday after finals are finished. This year’s opponent, Tennessee, has scheduled a really hard non-conference portion, and they’ll definitely be looking to come into a hostile environment and steal one from the Zags. Playing a Power 5 team in Seattle will be a nice change from the last couple years, and it’s shaping up to be a really good game! Tickets are available for students for $10 – you can purchase these at the Ticket Office in McCarthey while supplies last, so if you’re going, make sure to buy yours as soon as possible! You’ll need to show your student ID when you purchase your ticket, so make sure you have that with you.

As far as events in Seattle, we’ve got you covered for almost the whole weekend…

First off: lodging. We know that it’s getting toward crunch time, but we’re happy to say that we were able to secure a hotel deal for traveling Zags! The Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown Seattle – just a few blocks from Seattle Center and Key Arena. They’ve set aside King rooms for $109 per night and King Suites for $134 per night before taxes and fees, and the deal is good for both Friday and Saturday night. To get the deal, go to their website (here) and enter the code “GKC” in the Group Code box after setting your reservation details.

For those that are 21 or older, there are a few events for you as well. The Seattle Chapter of the Alumni Association has invited us to attend their pre-game event before the game on Saturday night from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Tickets are $10 before December 16, and $15 after. You can find more info and RSVP by buying your ticket at this link. Additionally, we’re finalizing a Social Club event after the game for all you Social Club members that will be at the game – more info about this will be available in an email in the coming days!

That’s about it from our end – good luck with the rest of the semester, and we’ll see you in the Kennel in a few days for Arizona!




It’s Tenting Season!

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year: Tenting Season!


Tent City will begin this Saturday (11/14/15)! That’s right, THIS Saturday (as in 3 days from now). Not only is it the first Tent City of the year, but it’s also the first ever Tent City for a Gonzaga Women’s Basketball game. Stanford is coming to town and it’s going to be one heck of a game. Before the chaos of Tent City begins, y’all are gonna have to take note of a few things:

 ·      First, Tent City starts this Saturday (11/14/15) for the Women’s game against Stanford on Sunday (11/15/15).

 ·      The tweet for the running location will go out at 1:15pm on the dot on Saturday. Make sure that you are following @ZagKennelClub on twitter. It is at this point that we will tweet out the location and the race begins. Make sure you have your registration form with you!

 ·      The maximum number of students per tent is 6. At least one member must be in the tent at all times during Tent City. We will be doing random tent checks throughout to make sure of this.

 ·      The Tenting location will be on Foley lawn and tents must be set-up on the corresponding tent number that will be on the grass.

 ·     Listed below is the time layout of Tent City for this weekend.

    • Tweet time: 1:15 pm Saturday Nov. 14th
    • Tent set-up: 1:30-2:15 pm Saturday Nov. 14th
    • Tent tear-down: 9:45-11:00 am Sunday Nov. 15th
    • Tent City campers line-up for game:
      • All Tent City members: 11:00 am Sunday Nov. 15th

o   Doors open 11:30 am Sunday Nov. 15th

Please take note of all rules and policies shown on the Registration form. If found in violation, students will be asked to leave Tent City and Tents will be pulled.

Last but not least, make sure to be loud come Saturday!!! Let’s show the nation that we are the best Student Section there is!

 ·    Between the hours of 9:00pm on Saturday through 7:00am on Sunday there are only Tent city members allowed in Tent City.


If any of you have any questions contact

See you all out there in Tent City! GO ZAGS!

The DIRT on National Gonzaga Day! (and Memphis)

So here’s the thing.

I know, it’s already game day.

And you’ve been out in your tents for almost 24 hours now.

And it’s National Gonzaga Day, so are you guys are ready to SERIOUSLY have some fun tonight?!

BECAUSE I AM! Really though, how many schools can celebrate their school’s own holiday?! That’s pretty freaking sweet, if you ask me. I know there are a lot of really cool things happening today and a few really nice surprises (read: GET STOKED), so take everything in today and enjoy it!

With that being said…. IT’S GAME DAY. We’ve got Memphis tonight, and it’s an ESPN(2) game, so we want everyone on their best, rowdiest behavior. Signs, costumes, the whole deal – lets make everyone watching know how proud we are to be Zags.

With wanting the Kennel to be loud tonight, we decided that it would be good to give you guys a little extra boost…. So, here’s a very brief DIRT ON MEMPHIS!

Memphis rolls into the Kennel is a… Respectable way, let’s say. They’re sitting at 13-7, 6-3 in the American Athletic Conference and have had kind of a rough year. We all remember what happened last time these two teams faced each other – last season, in Memphis, College Game Day was there, we LOST and everyone immediately started talking about the quality of the rematch this season. Wellllllll, let’s just say we hope it’s that kind of quality. Memphis has had a rough season across the board, with players leaving and rough losses and just a general sense of “well oopsie”, so hopefully this turns into a good game. Just remember that Memphis was the first (and temporary) home of Drew Barham before he became a Zag, so some good things do come out of Memphis every once in a while.

Let’s start with the coach: Josh Pastner looks like a college kid thrust into a coaching job, and he could easily pass for a student that belongs in the Kennel. He’s done a pretty good job at Memphis, and has left himself with a few pretty great moments over the last few seasons:

1. He can’t dance. At all.

2. He’s all about positivity

Now, I’m just gonna throw this out there: once the game is over tonight, I don’t think he’ll have too many Positive Pauls to go be around. However, we’ll have a Positive Pangos and that’s all that matters!

We move to Austin Nichols, who could best be described as one of the stars for Memphis – his most recent ‘big play’ was a made basket with 3 seconds left to give the Tigers a 2-point win. Whoa. He also still has his high school recruiting highlight tape in his Twitter bio which, if I’m not mistaken, is kind of outdated considering he’s a sophomore in college now. He’s a generally positive person and doesn’t leave a lot of things around to make fun of, so let’s just try to put a frown on his face so Coach has a Negative Nichols to be around.

Then, Jordan Manse is having a ton of standard college issues in his first year away from home, and I can kind of relate:

I mean, yeah that’s a personal problem and I wish I could help you out, but that’s all on you man.

Jake McDowell, who’s tweeted this video at least five times, all related to having a bad basketball game:

So I think it’s safe to say if you brought Starburst tomorrow, it’d help him out a little and maybe things would get a little more competitive.

Avery Woodson, who has over 20,000 tweets and it seems like 75% of them are all praise from fans. I’m all for positive reinforcement, especially when you need to feel good about yourself or if you’re having a rough day, but seriously?? THAT MUCH?! I think something’s wrong and there’s either a major ego or major confidence problem here.

D’Marnier Cunningham, who has a ton of Twitter selfies that stare into your soul:

I’m traumatized. That’s horrifying. Really.

We’ll go ahead and stop here, but please be loud and proud for your Bulldogs tonight! We’ve got one of the best home courts in the nation and it’s our HOLIDAY! So let’s show the country what the best student section is capable of!