The First VEGAS Post of the Year!

It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime…. Of the year!

That’s right… VEGAS!

Well not quite. But it is time to look ahead and start planning for the WCC Tournament over Spring Break! So, with that being said, here’s the first Vegas post: HOTELS! Which one? None other than the fabulous…

monte carlo1 monte carlo 3 monte carlo 2


So here’s the deal: We’ve pulled together a package that gets you a discount on any nights you stay between March 6 (Friday) and March 10 (Tuesday). So, if you’ll be in Vegas for the whole tournament (fly in Friday, fly out Wednesday), we’ve got you covered and you can use the deal for all five nights.

Here’s the skinny: use the link below to access the reservation site

and place your reservation. The deluxe room comes with 2 beds so it can comfortably sleep 4, so perfect for you and three friends! The price shown won’t initially include tax (12%) or the resort fee ($28/night), but is still a great deal compared to booking without the Kennel Club deal.

If you’re going to call over the phone to make your reservation, you’ll need to call 800-311-8999, and the instructions are a little different. You’ll need to identify your affiliation with the Kennel Club Group, which is under The Corporation of Gonzaga University (fancy, I know) and use the group code XGONZA5. If you use the above link to make your reservation, it will take care of all of the affiliation stuff for you!

So excited this is all coming together! Next up will be information about the social clubs in Vegas in the next few weeks, so we’ll update you when those are all available! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask: contact


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